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After Socket Preservation

  • The most important thing after socket preservation is to carefully maintain the wound and avoid any injury to the wound. That means that one must avoid checking the area with the tongue and avoiding food impaction at the site.
  • Normal brushing is required. You can brush with a soft toothbrush right up to the teeth adjacent to the surgical site using your normal toothpaste, etc. Do not use over the counter mouth rinses like Scope or Listerine.
  • If chlorhexidine, an antimicrobial rinse, has been provided you must use this for the first week. If you can use it beyond a week that is also helpful. Very gentle rinsing should begin on the evening of the surgery and be continued 3 to 4 times per day. If after 4 to 5 days you notice that the teeth are staining a little, you can use your toothbrush and dip into a little bit of chlorhexidine and brush carefully around the surgical site. This will minimize staining on other teeth.  Staining is not permanent and in most individuals there is minimal staining of the teeth. Remember, normal brushing is required and you can brush with a soft toothbrush right up to the teeth adjacent to the surgical site with your normal toothpaste.
  • If you have been provided an antibiotic, you must use this for the full extent of the prescription. If you can’t tolerate the antibiotic, let the surgeon know and an alternative antibiotic will be prescribed.
  • If you have some type of appliance such as an artificial tooth or a denture to wear, wear this as much as you can as this will help to protect the site.  Take your appliance out 3 times a day for maintenance and hygiene.
  • You may notice a few particles of the bone grafting materials in your mouth. This is normal.
  • The sutures that are used will take up to a couple of weeks or more to dissolve and fall out.  If they are creating problems, you can have them removed after about 10 days.  Losing a stitch early on is not a cause for concern.

Please consider referring to downloadable forms section and print this information off before your appointment to allow extra preparation.